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Super delicious vegan and gluten-free Taiwanese taro pastries my mom made! ❤️😋

Organic yellow tomatoes from my backyard! So sweet and juicy. 😊

My first strongman workshop! So much fun!! Tire flips, log press, farmers walk, yoke, and atlas stones! There’s just something about being able to lift/carry/press/push/pull things really heavy that makes you feel so good! 😁💪


How to Respond to Cheaters in 2014


We use the word “cheating” to define the act of someone in a relationship being unfaithful. I’ve known and I have since been reminded that the term cheating is a word we used on the playground as kids. When we played games, with cards and dice. But being unfaithful… that’s not cheating.
That’s betrayal.
There are no cards, or dice.
Just broken hearts and broken promises.

Today’s green smoothie:
5 leaves of dino kale
2 frozen bananas
1 frozen blood orange
2 small chunks of pineapple
3 tbs hemp seeds
1 tbs raw pumpkin seeds
1 tsp spirulina
2 tsp maca
Almond milk/water (as much or as little as you want depending on your preference, I didn’t measure!)

Organic grapes in my backyard! ❤️😊

It’s about to go down!
One gigantic bunch of organic arugula and spinach. ❤️
Sautéing this with some garlic, tamari, and thick slices of portobello mushrooms! 😋
Eating this with black garlic kimchi, roasted seaweed, and haiga rice! 👍

OH my. @livesoda kombucha soda has stolen my heart. 😘
Why am I so in love with this company?
Well I used to drink vanilla coke and root beer EVERY DAY over the summer when I was a kid. Yikes. Poured in a big mug half full with ice and shaken so most of the carbonation was gone LOL. No joke. Usually 2+ cans a day too. 😩
So, so bad I know. Well, I know that NOW. No one told me soda was so unhealthy! 😢 I bet that’s why I’m barely over 5 feet tall haha! Jk..

Well this tastes like the real thing. But it’s KOMBUCHA. ❤️❤️❤️

Found this little gem by my work today! What a lovely little park. You can even see Downtown Portland from here! I’ll definitely be coming back. 😊 (at Sellwood Riverfront Park)


OMG best vegan burrito I’ve ever had! ❤️😋 (at Que Sabrosa)

#pattypan squash!! Cutest thing ever! 😊❤️

I have forgotten how much I love cereal! Yum yum, pumpkin raisin crunch! :)

These were SO beautiful. I was admiring them all day at work. 🍅❤️